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Zimbabwe Is A Miracle- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of the Christ Ministry form Nigeria. He has been in the gospel ministry for over 30 years spreading the word of God across the world in over five continents. Pastor Chris holds a Ph. D. from the Ambrose Ali University. Its while at this institution when God chose him as his messenger to spread his teachings. Besides being a preacher, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a prominent author of books such as Rhapsody of realities that have been translated to over 700 languages. This book has sold over a million copies in the entire world.

Christ Embassy is based in Lagos with over 3.5 million followers across the world. It has branches in UK, US, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada and Asia. Most of his followers are the youth who make up about 80% of his congregation. The Christ Embassy holds crusades which are attended by millions who receive and spread the gospel. The church holds meetings in the UK and US where there is also the Healing school in Canada and South Africa. The ministry by Chris Oyakhilome spreads the gospel in over fifty countries in the world which explains the high number of congregation.

In addition, as a way of gathering the congregation to spread and share the gospel, the Christ Embassy conducts crusades like the Bliss South Africa event .One of its conference held in Johannesburg received millions of people from 154 countries. Moreover, the church broadcast its teachings through television and radio networks called the Love World TV and Love World plus TV that are based in UK, Nigeria and South Africa.

Chris Oyakhilome will hold a grand event at the capital of Zimbabwe that is Harare in May 7th. This will be a memorable event in the history of Zimbabwe as it will be a day of hope restoration. Pastor Chris will hold the Global Worship and the Communion Service at the National Sports stadium from 2 pm.

The message of the day will be on the answers to the prayers the pope of Zimbabwe have been praying. Pastor Chris will be passing the message that this is the time for Zimbabwe. He made this mega announcement when in South Africa during the Bliss program and assured the people of Zimbabwe that God had not locked them out and that is the message he will deliver to them.

The people of Zimbabwe are looking forward to the event because the claimed that Zimbabwe was a miracle. The whole nation is in anticipation for this grand entrance of the man of God. All that is requested of you is to register so as to get an entrance ticket although there are no charges. There are some designated centers for viewing and also live site participation which will be in the main venue. In addition, the event will be streamlined and through mobile app like CEFLIX .the meeting will be full of the grace of God which will be in the entire nation. There will be praise and worship as the world come together to testify and witness the hand of God over Zimbabwe because this is the time for Zimbabwe.

7 Easiest Steps to write a research paper

Writing a research paper may be the challenging and time-consuming procedure in private schools. Most of the time it’s quite overwhelming. You must have a particular amount of words, pages, and you have to have it done with a special date! What lots of individuals do not understand is it does not have to be a herculean task. Following these easy suggestions will make the whole process just a little easier.

What is a research paper?

Please keep in mind that research papers in private schools are often judged on the importance of the research problem. And research papers aren’t necessarily assigned to a student to manifest their ability in gathering citations and facts that others may have presented as their very own. A proper research paper homework can typically have a Research Paper Assignment Table of Contents followed by the homework. Maybe a section of recommended subjects may be given to the writer.

Here is your 7 step guide on how to write research paper.

Step 1 – Choose a Topic

  • Select a topic that challenge and interesting to you. Your attitude towards the subject may well identify the level of enthusiasm and effort you put into your research.
  • Focus on a limited aspect of the topic instead considering the umbrella term. Subsequently, obtain the approval of your teacher before starting full-scale research.
  • Always, select a subject or topic you can easily manage.
  • If you are not from a technical background, then avoid specializes or technical subjects.
  • Simultaneously, avoid problems that only have a narrow range of reading or source materials.

Step 2 – Find Information

Information search primarily starts with secondary research where published information sources are used as the basis for writing a research paper. Alternatively, primary research entails collection of new data through questionnaires or interviews.

  1. Surf the web
  • For background or general information, check out useful URLs including .edu, .org or .info like sites. As a starting point use search engines and Britannica or Wikipedia like sites.
  1. Find the books in Library

In addition to online resources leverage the publications as well including following:

  • Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  • Almanacs and Atlases,
  • Government Publications, Reports, and Guides
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Vertical Files
  • Yellow Pages, Zip or Postal Code and Telephone Directories

Note – As you gather information to jot down complete bibliographical information on your worksheet as it is an important part of writing a research paper.

Step 3 – State your Thesis

It is important to state an argument or problem statement in one sentence to give a precise information what research paper entails. Therefore, do some critical thinking on Thesis Statement. The rest of the section is primarily about defending this belief and supporting the argument (as mentioned in the thesis statement).

Step 4 – Develop a Provisional Outline

Make sure all your points must be related to the same primary topic mentioned in Capitol Roman Numeral.


  1. INTRODUCTION – (Short comment on subject matter – Thesis statement on Mother Teresa)
  2. BODY – Mother Teresa’s Early Life, Marriage, Works, Later Years
  3. Early Life in …..
  4. Mother Teresa’s Family
  5. Mother Teresa’s Father
  6. Mother Teresa’s Mother
  7. Mother Teresa’s Marriage
  8. Life of….
  9. References in Mother Teresa’s publications
  10. Mother Teresa’s Works
  11. Social Work
  12. Mother Teresa’s Later Years
  13. Last Works
  14. Retirement
  15. Death
  16. Burial

III. Conclusion

  1. Analytics Summary
  2. Mother Teresa’s Early Life
  3. Mother Teresa’s Work
  4. Mother Teresa’s Later Years
  5. Thesis Reworded
  6. Concluding Statement

NOTE – Before you write research paper it is important to think through your topic carefully and organize it logically.

INTRODUCTION – Cleary state purpose and thesis of your research paper. State the reason for opting this subject and how you plan your approach. Is this a book review, accurate report or a problem analysis? Explain briefly what points you intend to cover in the research paper.

BODY – It is the section where you mention the arguments and supports the thesis statement.

CONCLUSION – Restate your thesis. Summarize all your arguments and explain why you selected this particular topic.

Step 5 – Organize your Notes

  • Critically analyze your data and organize all gathered information according to the outline.
  • Do not include any information which is not related to your topic.
  • Plagiarism is definitely out of the question. Write a research paper in your words.
  • Carefully develop your Work Cited page containing detailed bibliographical information.

Step 6 – Wrote your First Draft

  • Paraphrase each idea you plan to use in your paper.
  • Follow the Outline Sequence religiously.

Step 7 – Revise & Type Final Paper

  • Review the draft for any content error.
  • All formal reports should be printed and typewritten in a good quality paper.
  • Proofread the entire paper for punctuation, spelling, and duplicated words.
  • Make sure your paper is ready one or two days before a deadline.

The Final Word

You would like to write your draft after finishing outline. Review every subheading and heading, and points. In the event, the paper needs more content or isn’t enough. Adding quotations can help.

Use spell checks in your desktop and test spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Once you make sure of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are right draft a final copy of your research paper.

10 Best Activity Books For Children

educational books for kidsDexcom has launched a series of educational books and entertaining activity sheets. Youngsters Academy features different sorts of content material focusing on various memory sorts (visual, audio, muscle, and so forth.) ensuring deeper understanding of the understanding material. Your kid already has particular natural expertise, but you can help further develop those expertise by means of the energy of play with the correct developmental toys and educational games. The books are designed to introduce all young children to the optimistic aspects of inclusive education with every single book featuring a character with a particular unique education want.

The early history of children’s audio books saw them produced strictly on cassette tapes. These facilities are able to concentrate on each and every child’s distinctive wants to offer a customized educational knowledge as opposed to what schools in the public are in a position to offer you. As Locke’s theories took hold, each in England and in the United States, they shaped a lot of of the children’s books that have been published in the 1700s. The end of the book gives room for your child to record their preferred issues from books to pals.

Since its foundation by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne has been the children’s publisher that kids really like for its humorous, factual and fun books that parents enjoy sharing. In most cases, you can anticipate to locate numerous common children’s audio books, such as the Harry Potter series, in key books shops and retailers. Robotics is a fantastic way to get kids excited about science, technologies, engineering, and math. Help your child’s education in his or her formative years and get them prepared for their future with DK education books and DKfindout!

And young-adult dystopian books like the Hunger Games series, with its dark themes of violence and aggravation, continue it. The selection of mediums (cassettes, CD, digital download) offers children the potential to take pleasure in a range of children’s audio books more than ever before. Numerous parents of particular requirements youngsters locate private unique education schools are their ideal option. Parents who sign their youngsters up for Books from Birth will also receive tips on singing, speaking, and reading whilst undertaking everyday activities like undertaking laundry, changing diapers and reading at bedtime.educational books for kids

Fairy Tales- 3D Interactive Pop-up Books is a treasury of eight fairy tales that have been adapted to a digital platform. You can also throw a book party at house and nothing says you guys have to remain up genuinely late to do it. Lots of retailers let their customer’s pre-order books so they can come in on the day of the books’ release and just pick it up alternatively of waiting in line. Yet another way to enhance ADD with educational toys is to play games with your child.

How Colleges Are Wasting Our Funds And Failing Our Children

higher education booksRichard A. DeMillo has held senior positions in academia, industry, and government. In this significantly-required book, authors D. Randy Garrison and Norman D. Vaughan present the foundational study, theoretical framework, scenarios, principles, and practical recommendations for the redesign and transformation of the greater education curriculum. Titanji Peter Fon is Associate Professor in Leadership in Schooling and presently serving as Vice-Dean in charge of Studies and Students’ Affairs in the Faculty of Education, University of Buea, Cameroon.

I’ve referenced the theme of efficiency as it relates to education right here which is truly not the thrust of Carr’s The Shallows, however his book raises a number of fascinating points about how the World wide web has impacted our culture which extends to our culture inside education. College graduates in this position generally do not have an education dilemma, a instruction issue, an intelligence issue, or a refusal to work dilemma.higher education books

Reflecting the altering Greater Education atmosphere, we launched our very first study capabilities title in 1999, Cottrell’s The Study Skills Handbook, helping numerous thousands of students to succeed in their studies via the discovery and improvement of their own personal finding out styles. Greater education in America continues to be crucial for each individual good results and the social and financial overall health of our nation.

Studies also show that the well educated personnel have a greater risk of becoming unemployed and that unemployed with qualifications have greater probabilities of regaining employment than the unemployed without educational qualifications. This includes both regionalism (students from within Southeast Asia travelling to other countries inside the area to pursue Islamic greater education) and efforts by nations such as Malaysia to recruit important numbers of students from the Gulf states and Arab world, thereby reversing traditional paths of mobility.

This choice has been permitted by the IRS to spend for some greater education expenditures that are beyond your standard price range. He not too long ago served as the faculty chair of the Graduate School of Education and Data Research and served for numerous years as the Director of the International Education Workplace at UCLA, which houses the Education Abroad Plan, the Travel Study System, non-University of California study abroad providers and other student exchange programmes.

Expert Development For Educators

educational books for teachersThe process of receiving educational books published is one particular that is very challenging indeed. Time magazine journalist Amanda Ripley sets out to examine nations that are at the forefront of educational achievement by following three American students transplanted into effective foreign schooling systems: Kim, in Finland Eric, in South Korea and Tom, in Poland. The books obtainable by way of Read Print are typically operates that are in the public domain or have Creative Commons licensing.

Indeed, the greatest insult to the intelligence of American teachers is the thought that their intelligence does not matter. Social Media in Greater Education: Teaching in Internet 2. supplies analysis on the pedagogical challenges faced in current years in order to enhance the understanding of social media in the educational systems. He quickly place up in his classroom a poster about banned books of the type that got the Ohio teacher fired. This is left to college administration and subject teacher to select a variety of books to use.

The book includes resources for classroom management, student engagement — and comes complete with step by step teaching suggestions and video clips of teachers modeling methods in the classroom. Current study has discovered that teachers represent the most important resource schools contribute to academic achievement, a discovering that has sharpened policy makers’ focus on teacher effectiveness (Hanushek and Rivkin 2006). Folks do not like reading on compute screens so choose to have shorter books that do not drift from the topic.

All in all, most youngsters find it a wonderful deal of enjoyable listening to a lesson on audio, rather than obtaining to read it. That is why kids commit a lot of time watching films, rather than reading. Radiohead’s music has historically been about feeling negative, but listening to Radiohead’s music has, on some level, usually felt good. Great understanding, like excellent work, is collaborative and social, not competitive and isolated.educational books for teachers

The American Educational Analysis Association seeks to serve as a publisher of books of excellence and value to the education research community, and to practitioners and policymakers interested in education analysis. This is the third in a trilogy of books in which Biesta outlines his theory for education and I identified it beautifully hopeful. This is a fantastic book for new teachers to read simply because it will inspire you to continue teaching no matter what you are facing.