How MSP®makes you more efficient

How MSP®makes you more efficient

MSP® or Managing Successful Programmes is geared to teach you how to implement the objectives for strategic leadership as a programme manager. An MSP® certification indicates you know and understand the principles set forth by the method and you know how to implement them for successful results. This comes down to proven programme management best practice in the delivery of transformational change.

Benefits of MSP® Certification

Once you have mastered best practice in programme management to deliver transformational change within a team, you will learn to carry out coordinated organisation.

This will give you the ability to direct a number of projects and transformation activities within your company. You can lead these projects to successful outcomes and in the process you are bound to note of the importance of strategies in business.

MSP® is about organising and managing multiple projects to their successful outcomes. The methods taught by MSP® make success a conceivable reality. It teaches you about effective management while dealing with high levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk. If you can handle all of these elements then you are built for business success.

The standard and in turn the exam too are universal which means that it is accepted and practiced all over the world. With this qualification you can manage successful programmes across the globe.

By using the pinpointed strategy provided by the MSP® approach you can lead a team to deliver results in a timely fashion.

MSP® Framework

MSP® incorporates three main concepts:

MSP® Principles: This refers to lessons derived from past positive and negative experiences where lessons are taught through the successes and failures of the programming.

MSP® Governance Themes: These are the ways in which a company, business or organisation approaches programme management. Once this has been established the strategy to choose the right leadership, team, structures, tools and controls is set.

MSP® Transformational Flow: This is about deciding on the route to take through the lifecycle of the programme to get from conception to delivery.

If you require better leadership, focus, organisation and/or culture, MSP® is the certification you need. Be a cut above the rest! Click here to view our Programme Management Essentials Course Schedule..