Internet Benefits for Education

Who is not familiar with the internet? Adult internet a need for many parties ranging from individuals, businesses, governments, companies and so on. Demand for internet is increasing day by day. But actually, what is the Internet? So what are the benefitsin education? is google making us stupid?

The Internet allows users to have easy access to various kinds of information. Even compared to books and libraries, dissemination of information and data via the Internet can be said to be more extreme. The Internet has a lot of influence of science and world views. In education, the Internet provides the following benefits among others.

  1. Means seek information

Internet can be used as a means of seeking information in the world of education, which is even more updates from the book and the library. It can be said that almost all the information about education can be accessed via the Internet, among other things such as subject matter, curriculum, syllabus, questions or how to do it.

  1. Support makes it easy reference

Aside from being a means of searching for information, the Internet also allows users to search the literature. Just by typing a keyword to your liking, then the information related to that keyword will be indirectly available.

  1. A learning tools

Internet can be used as a learning tool for students to seek more information about the material that has not been, is and will be studied in school. It is also the same for the entry into force of college students. In addition, the Internet is also a container that provides an opportunity for anyone to learn new things through tips & tricks and tutorials about something.

  1. Provide multimedia facilities

Internet as an information provider has advantages compared with the book. To obtain information from the Internet, people can read, listen to, watch videos from the Internet. In addition, the multimedia facilities on the internet can help facilitate the users to better understand the information because of the additional samples, drawings, animations and so on.

  1. Distance education

The Internet allows us to do distance education. In fact there are some universities that provide online courses that allow students to carry out the study with distance. Alternatively, we too can access the learning modules from a long distance no matter where we are.

Negative Impact of Internet

However, the Internet can also be a negative impact on education such as the following.