5 success story every UPSC aspirant should follow

Being poor shouldn’t stop you from dreaming big and pursuing them. It’s what Ansar Ahmad Shaikh had in mind when was successful in cracking the UPSC exams and also becoming the youngest person to do so at an age of 21. Born to an auto-rickshaw driver, Ansar had to face severe financial conditions. Despite those, he gave his 100%, coupled with firm determination and hard work. Having a poor family background didn’t hold him into shackles; instead, his firm determination and success in cracking the UPSC exams, have made him a figure to whom all other such aspirants can look up for inspiration.

  1. K. Jayaganesh

Those who don’t believe the idea of constantly trying until one succeeds, maybe such people should hear the success story of K. Jayaganesh. Belonging to a poor family, Jayaganesh had to do several odds jobs, even working as a waiter. So what’s different about him? Believe it or not, he failed the UPSC exams six times straight before finally hoisting the flag of his victory in his last chance. Try and try until you succeed was Jayaganesh’s motto. He didn’t quit, even when he failed for the sixth time. He tried and made his dream come true of becoming an IAS office.

  1. Govind Jaiswal

Dreams are never far if you have the determination. Govind Jaiswal, the son of a rickshaw puller and housewife proved the same. Govind started to dream of becoming an IPS officer when he was sent to a school in Varanasi. Living in a congested house of his parents and three sisters, it was quite difficult for him to achieve his dream. This wasn’t enough. His father suffered an accident and could no longer pull rickshaw. But, Govind, who was already determined to become an IAS officer, tried hard to manage some room and finally achieved his dream at the age of 23.

  1. Rashmi Siddharth Zagade

Rashmi Siddharth Zagade proved the fact that girls are equal to boys. She became the first or rather the only female IAS officer from Pune. Rashmi’s life was full of struggle and hardships, but it didn’t stop her from achieving her dream. Even after failing four consecutive times, Rashmi bagged her success; the credit of which she proudly gives to her husband. She tells that despite being a science student, it was her husband who encouraged her to appear for the UPSC examinations. Kudos to her husband’s faith & support and Rashmi’s determination! Hard labor does yield fruit and Rashmi has proved the notion true.

  1. Sweta Agarwal

Daughter of a grocer, Sweta Agarwal is another example as well as inspiration for all those girls who think they are not capable for cracking the UPSC exams. Her life was full of difficulties and hardships, comprising of being unable to avail even the basic educational facilities. But her parents, despite being poor, gave her the best education and it finally bore fruit when Sweta became one of the top three women to top in the 2015 UPSC exams. A graduate in Economics, Sweta had have cracked the UPSC exams twice before finally achieving the stature of an IAS officer.

These are just five of the several stories – stories that are not just meant to be read and forgotten; rather stories to draw inspiration from. All the above mentioned people didn’t have a firm background or a financially well-stable family. Despite that fact that they were poor or financially unbalanced, it didn’t stop them from chasing their dreams and ultimately achieving them. They had broken all the boundaries of the society that often strangulates the dreams of a young boy or girl. They showed that dreams can be achieved if you are willing to give your best and are dedicated and determined.

You can get countless such stories of extreme struggle and eventual success. It is quite important that we learn from their success and try to incorporate the same, especially if you are an aspiring UPSC examinee who is ready to crack the exam and become an IAS officer or any other governmental position holder. Remember, just because you failed once doesn’t mean that you would never succeed. Try hard, if you fail, try harder than before until you are able to hoist the flag of your success like those above.