Must know things to score good marks in ICSE chemistry

The ICSE board Chemistry is the subject in which the students have to study about structures, composition, and properties of matter along with the changes that happen due to different chemical reactions. But, this is just the basic introduction as the subject is vast and students have to study a lot of things to score good marks. Here are some tips and trick which can help you to score good marks in ICSE chemistry.

  1. For those who have the upper hand in chemistry, it is easy to score well, but if you are one of those who finds the chemical reactions tough to study are highly suggested to start studying as soon as possible. As it is always better to study the hardest subject first and leave the easy part for later. You should finish your textbooks as soon as possible and leave the practice work for later.
  2. It is very important to remember each and every reaction and its product as a big part of the question paper comprises of the reactions. They are confusing and very hard to remember so it is better to practice writing them every day.
  3. It is important to remember that only textbook is not going to get you the results you want to always remember to follow up with a reference book and gain deeper knowledge of all the concepts. The deeper you understand the concept, the longer and clearer you will remember it.
  4. You should focus on practical chemistry very well as there are many questions based on the properties of gases are asked in a paper. It is important to understand the paper pattern to score good marks and the best way to do it is by solving the question papers of the last few years.
  5. It is very important to learn the periodic table when you have time. The most basic but most important part of ICSE chemistry starts with the periodic table. It is better to learn it even before you start preparing for your exam. A tip you can follow is you can paste the periodic table in your room for memorizing it even better.
  6. Not just for chemistry, but for all the subjects, there is one very important tip, which is writing down all the questions while studying and asking them all lately to your teacher. It is important to clear all the doubts to understand every concept. Always write down the questions that pop up in your mind as they can be the key to your best score during the exam.
  7. It is very important to focus on the numerical problems. Those students who are good at math can easily cover up this part, but if you are not that strong with your math then practice more and more numerical questions every day. If you master the numerical part of the question paper, then you have a very good chance to score well.
  8. All students should study all the chapters of chemistry and should not leave anything. This way you will be confident about every section in the question paper and you do not have to worry about the questions with a choice. If you have studied all the topics, then it will be very easy to choose any question from the choice given, but if you leave any chapter then there might be a chance that you cannot solve any of the questions in the given choice.
  9. Always remember to write the S.I. Units for all the entities as they are very important and if you don’t mention them then you can lose some marks.
  10. It is better to be crisp and write all the answers to the point. It is better to be descriptive but brief while writing the answers. If you follow these basic and simple tips and study hard for your exams then no one can stop you from scoring well.